Welcome to the Landscape Across the Disciplines Research Workshop!

We are delighted to launch the new Landscape Across the Disciplines Research Workshop for AY2012-2013.  If you would like to know more about us, please see the “About” link above or go to our listing on the Humanities Institute Research Workshops page: http://www.humanitiesinstitute.buffalo.edu/initiatives/WorkshopLandscapesAcross.shtml

Our meetings include short faculty / guest presentations and discussion.  Calendar for Fall 2012.  All regular meetings take place at the Gender Institute, Room 207, The Commons, from 10:00 – 12:00 :

October 3 Teri Rueb, UB Media Study & David Mark, UB Geography

November 7 Tina Thurston, UB Anthropology / Archaeology

December 5 Colleen Culleton, UB Romance Languages & Literatures

SPECIAL EVENTS for Fall 2012 (please note variable locations):
October 18 Robert Pogue Harrison, 4-6 PM, Clemens 120 (co-hosted by the Gender Institute and the Eco-critical Theory Reading Group)

October 25 Leslie Carol Roberts, 1-3 PM, Center for the Arts 112 (co-hosted by Landscape Across the Disciplines Research Workshop and the Open Air Institute)

Co-coordinators Teri Rueb (UB Media Study) and David Mark (UB Geography) are happy to answer questions or add you to our listserv which will be used for general announcements.  Please feel free to email us at: David Mark (dmark@buffalo.edu) or Teri Rueb (terirueb@buffalo.edu)

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